Source code for girder_worker.core.specs.port_list

"""This module defines the PortList spec."""
import six

from .spec import SpecMixin
from .port import Port

[docs]class PortList(SpecMixin, list): """A list that only accepts port specs. This class is extended to behave like a read-only dictionary, where the keys are the port names. >>> l = PortList() >>> l.json() '[]' Ports can be added as instances or dictionaries >>> l.append(Port(name='z')) >>> l.append({'name': 'a', 'type': 'image', 'format': 'png'}) Normal list methods are supported >>> l[1] = '{"name": "b"}' >>> l.insert(1, {"name": "c"}) >>> del l[1] >>> str(l) '[{"name": "z"}, {"name": "b"}]' Port lists have keys and values methods like dicts >>> l.keys()[0] 'z' Ports can be referenced by either their index in the list or by name >>> l[0] is l['z'] True >>> 'z' in l True Ports can be modified after they are added >>> l[0].name = 'y' >>> l.json() '[{"name": "y"}, {"name": "b"}]' Several validation checks are performed >>> l[0].name = 'b' Traceback (most recent call last): ... ValueError: Duplicate keys detected >>> l[0].name = 'a' >>> l[0].format = 'png' Traceback (most recent call last): ... ValueError: Unknown format "python.png" >>> str(l) '[{"name": "a"}, {"name": "b"}]' """ def __init__(self, value=None): """Create an empty list and optionally populate with an iterable.""" SpecMixin.__init__(self) # list.__init__(self) if value is not None: for v in value: self.append(v) def __contains__(self, value): """Extend to allow dict like behavior.""" if isinstance(value, six.string_types): try: value = self.keys().index(value) except ValueError: return False return True return list.__contains__(self, value) def __getitem__(self, index): """Extend to allow indexing by port name.""" if isinstance(index, six.string_types): # find the index of the port with the given name index = self.keys().index(index) return list.__getitem__(self, index) def __setitem__(self, index, value): """Replace an item in the list if possible.""" value = self._make_port(value) self._can_insert(value) list.__setitem__(self, index, value) def __delitem__(self, index): """Remove an item from the port list, freeing handlers.""" self[index].remove_validation_check('') list.__delitem__(self, index)
[docs] def insert(self, index, value): """Add an item before the given index if possible.""" value = self._make_port(value) self._can_insert(value) list.insert(self, index, value)
[docs] def append(self, value): """Append an item if possible.""" self.insert(len(self), value)
def _assert_no_duplicates(self): """Raise a ValueError if there are duplicate port names.""" if len(set(self.keys())) != len(self): raise ValueError('Duplicate keys detected') def _port_changed_handler(self): """Return a function that handles port spec changes. This function assures that no port names are changed resulting in a duplicate key. """ def handler(port, key=None, oldvalue=None, newvalue=None): if key in ('name', None): self._assert_no_duplicates() return handler def _can_insert(self, port): """Raise a ValueError if the port cannot be inserted. This method also binds validation handlers to the port specs. """ if in self.keys(): raise ValueError('A port named "%s" already exists' % port.add_validation_check('', self._port_changed_handler())
[docs] def check(self): """Check that the port list is valid.""" self._assert_no_duplicates() for port in self: port.check()
def _make_port(self, port): """Coererce the arguement into a port spec.""" return Port(port)
[docs] def keys(self): """Return a list of port names.""" return [ for port in self]
[docs] def values(self): """Return a list of ports.""" return list(self)