Girder Worker: A simple, flexible execution engine

Girder Worker is a remote task execution engine designed to work with Girder. Girder Worker provides a thin wrapper around Celery which is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing. Girder Worker relies heavily on Celery for its API and implementation, adding two critical features:

  • Task Discovery Girder Worker implements a custom mechanism for discovering installed tasks at run time. These “pluggable” tasks are defined as python packages and installed in the environment where Girder Worker is run.
  • Task Tracking If called from Girder, Girder Worker generates a Girder Job for tracking task status and getting real-time output of job progress. If not called from Girder, Girder Worker reverts to traditional Celery behavior, making it amenable to running tasks in a python interpreter, scripts, or Jupyter Notebooks.

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